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  • Leadership on basis of Merit not Wealth
  • Well Qualified & Accomplished Leadership
  • Battling for Defense and Protection of Pakistan

Ideology of Pakistan : Unite Muslims Once Again, shunning ethnic/linguistic divisions


To make Pakistan a truly Islamic Welfare State, as was envisioned by our forefathers!

How we envision Pakistan?

Instead of Lineage-based Politics, we wish to bring forward well qualified and accomplished leadership, providing a roadmap to the nation enabling us to prevent anyone from stealing our country's wealth or violating the rights of its citizens.

Kashmir Policy

To advocate for their right to self-determination according to UN Resolutions.

Minorities' Rights

We will guarantee the Minorities their due rights promised to them under the state.

Empower Women!

We will play a vital role in empowering our women and ensure that they are given due protection and honour.

Ideology of Pakistan

The set of Ideals and Principles that Jinnah used to form his Muslim League, Milli Muslim League shall continue upon the same Ideals.


The Central Body of Milli Muslim League comprises of well-educated and experienced, trustworthy among from the nation to continue along the mission of Muslim League, founded by Jinnah.

PRESS CONFERENCE | Press Club, Islamabad.

The Central Body of Milli Muslim League (MML) called for a press conference in Press Club, Islamabad on 7th of August, 2017.

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Milli Muslim League

An endeavor to implementing Jinnah's Vision in Pakistan

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